Blackhawk Automotive Collision Repair Equipment

Product Overview

CompuSpot 160

Professional dent puller with keypad control of time and power, including welding mode and language selection.

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  • Controls time and power separately for superior performance
  • Quick change electrodes
  • Quick star washer dent pulling: fast and easy to use slide hammer included
  • Weld studs (nails), washers, rivets for interior and window moldings (all tips included)
  • Heat shrinking with cooper tip or carbon rod for high spots
  • Easy access around vehicles
  • Compact and lightweight


CompuSpot 160
Input Voltage 208-240V / 380-415V 1Ph
Frequency 50/60Hz
Fuse or Breaker 20A (208-240V), 30A (380-415V)
Maximum Welding Current 3,500A
Open Circuit Voltage 10 Volts
Input Cable 8 Meters (25’)
Welding Cable 2 Meters (6.5’)


Standard Accessories

Part Number Description Cabon Electrode
04PS1505 Washer Tip
04PS1510 Shrinking Tip
04PS1515 Half Moon Tip (stitch and wiggle wire)
04PS1518 Single Spot Tip
04PS1520 Molding Clip Tip
04PS1525 Long Stud Tip (nails)
04PS1530 Electrod for Wiggle Wite
04PS2036 Adaptor Holder for Carbon Rod
13PS1023 Energic Slide Hammer with Adaptor
13PS1027 Stud Mandrel for Nail Pulling
13.PS.10.31 Hook Mandrel for Washer Pulling
13.PS.10.45 Ground Plate Tightener Star Washers (10 Pack)
131551045 Five Finger Bear Claw for Hammer
131551078 Wiggle Wire (1/2 lb Pack)
161780045 Hand Puller for Molding Rivet
161780067 Nails (100 Pack)
161780071 Molding Rivets (100 Pack)
161780072 Welding Washers (100 Pack)
465000122 Instruction Manual CD

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
131551076 Wiggle Wire (1 lb Pack)
131551050 Eight Finger Bear Claw for Jack
131551055 Handle for Bear Claw
131553007 Hand Lifter
14CS0030 Cart