Blackhawk Automotive Collision Repair Equipment

Product Overview

CompuSpot 900

Advanced Inverter Spot Welder - The ideal answer for how to weld today’s high strength dual phase and boron steels with up to 630 daN (1,420lbf) of tip pressure, 14,000 amps of welding current, and NO GUESS WORK!

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  • Automatic recognition of sheet thickness and material type (HSS, UHSS, Boron, etc.)
  • Automatic setting of weld power, weld time, and tip pressure
  • USB port for data transfer and program updates
  • Weld history storage
  • Liquid cooling all the way to the electrode tips
  • 7" touch screen control panel with high resolution color (800x480 pixels)
  • Fully compliant with European directive 2004/40/CE


CompuSpot 850
Input Voltage 208-230V / 380-415V 3Ph
Fuse or Breaker; 80A (208-230V) / 32A (380-415V) Slow Blow
Secondary Short-Circuit Maximum Current (RMS) 14,000A
Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz
Welding frequency 2,000Hz
Welding cable Ø / length 2,5m (8’)
Cooling system (cable, arms and cap) Liquid
Nominal operating temperature 30ºC (86ºF)
Tip pressure at 8,5bar (123psi) 630 daN (1416lbf) (120mm arms set)
Clamp weight (Without Arms) 7kg (15lb)
Weight 195kg (430lb)


Standard Accessories

Part Number Description
04PS8012 120mm Straight arms set
04PS8033 330mm 1/2 Offset arms set
04PS8032 330mm 1/2 Offset arm
04PS8034 330mm Dog Noze Arms Kit
04PS8047 470mm Straight Arms Kit
04PS8021 230mm Crocodile Type Arms Kit
04PS8022 Fender electrodes set
04PS9012 120mm Straight Arms Set
04PS9010 Fender Electrode Set

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
04PS8041 470mm Full Offset arms set
04PS9010 300mm U Arm
04PS9040 400mm U Arm
04PS9050 500mm U Arm
04PS9060 600mm U Arm