Blackhawk Automotive Collision Repair Equipment

Product Overview

Power-Pro BT Series

Blackhawk builds the world’s most productive collision repair equipment. Building world-class relationships with our customers and industry partners results in unparalleled solutions for today’s collision repair facilities. Regardless of your size we understand your needs and our equipment is designed to meet those needs. Kansas Jack has a history of innovation in equipment design. Equipment specifically designed to enhance productivity and assure that your repairs are done right the first time every time thus assuring the shop’s maximum profitability.

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Positive Anchoring with Ease

Positive Anchoring with Ease

The three-way adjustable unibody pinchweld clamps provide for infinite positioning to properly anchor the vehicle. The "drive-over" underbody clamp bases may remain attached to the platform surface. Optional specialty anchoring clamps are available for cars and trucks.

Towers with Bearings BT Only

Towers with Bearings (Power-Pro BT)

The towers can be moved effortlessly 360° around the frame rack, using smooth roller bearings to assist the operator.

Quick Loading

Quick Loading

The Power-Pro’s removable drive-on ramps coupled with the platform hydraulic tilt feature facilitates easy drive on vehicle loading.

Air Hydraulic Pumps with Gauges

Air Hydraulic Pumps

Power-Pro BT: Fluid filled gauges provide for reliable pressure readings at the hook.
(Three air hydraulic foot pumps come standard)

Front and Rear Removable Cross-Members

Front and Rear Removable Cross-Members

Perform a front-end pull removing mash, and then remove the cross-member to gain unrestricted access to the vehicle.

Infinite Positioning of Pull Collars

Infinite Positioning of Pull Collars

Variable-position pull collars provide for unlimited positioning for the correct alignment with the pull being made.

Lifting Power

Lifting Power

10,000 lb lifting capacity provides you with more than enough strength to pick-up the vehicles you will encounter.

Available Configurations

Part Number Number of Towers Shipping Weight
Power-Pro 18 BT BH9011011 2 4,800 lbs (2,177 kg)
Power-Pro 20 BT BH9011002 2 6,800 lbs (3,084 kg)
Power-Pro 22 BT BH9011004 2 7,300 lbs (3,311 kg)


Power-Pro 18 BT Power-Pro 20 BT Power-Pro 22 BT
Rack Length: 18’ (549 cm) 20’ (607 cm) 22’ (671 cm)
Rack Max. Length (with Towers): 23’ 9" (724 cm) 25’ 10" (787 cm) 27’ 10" (848 cm)
Width of Rack: 84" (213 cm) 92" (234 cm) 92" (234 cm)
Width of Rack (with Towers): 13’ 4" (406 cm) 14’ (427 cm) 14’ (427 cm)
Width of Treadway: 24" (61 cm) 28" (71 cm) 28" (71 cm)
Center Opening Width: 36" (91 cm) 36" (91 cm) 36" (91 cm)
Overall Height (Towers Down): 7’ 4.5" (225 cm) 7’ 4.5" (225 cm) 7’ 4.5" (225 cm)
Overall Height (Towers Extended): 8’ 2.5" (250 cm) 8’ 2.5" (250 cm) 8’ 2.5" (250 cm)
Tie-Downs: 100 106 112
Down Pulls: 96 104 112
Power Requirements: Air Air Air
Working Height: 22" (671 cm) 22" (671 cm) 22" (671 cm)


Part Number Description
9020026 Truck Tie-Down Board
9020030 Vehicle Loading Package. Includes: Wench, Wheel Stands, Car Dollies, and 2 Bag Air Jack
9025050 Overhead Pull with Collar
9025008 Down Pull
9025018 Pushing Post with Ram and Pump