Blackhawk Automotive Collision Repair Equipment

Product Overview

UltraMIG 225HP

A powerful SYNERGIC machine designed for a wide variety of applications including MIG brazing of fully galvanized steel using silicone-bronze wire and MIG welding of steel and aluminum all in one package.

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  • Patented double wire drive system
  • Ultra fine tuning system for optimum results
  • 100% microprocessor controlled
  • Synergic control for easy operation
  • Less welding spatter and burn through
  • Maximum protection of galvanized coatings
  • Minimal warping and loss of metal properties


UltraMIG 225HP
Main Power 200-240V / 380-415V 1 Phase
Fuse or Breaker 20A / 16A
Output Voltage 11 to 28 V C.C
Open Circuit Voltage 28 V C.C
Current Range 20 to 225A
Maximal Output Amperage 225A
Speed Wire 2,5 - 12 m/min
Number of Drive Rollers 2 (Automatic Adjustment
Duty Cycle 140A @ 24VDC 50%
Welding Torch Cable Length 3m Coaxial (10ft)
Dimensions (L x l x h) 864x 355x 724mm (34x 14x 28.5 in)
Weight 70kg (155lb)
Shipping Welder Box 508x 812x 1016mm (20x 32x 40 in)


Standard Accessories

Part Number Description
038000010 MB15 Gun & Cable Assembly

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
037000042 Spool Gun